Season Two

(01.) Nengi Omuku: On her fascinating body of work, inspired by the politics of the human bodies, and the complexities of identity.


(02.) Serge Attukwei Clottey: On his practice of engaging the community in his performances and sculptural works, his relationship with his artist father, and how how mother influenced him.


(03.) Phoebe Boswell: On her experiences navigating cultural identities, how she's built her voice in the arts, and how she connected with the women whose stories she has portrayed.


(04.) Dennis Osadebe: On his love for pop art, how entrepreneurship influenced his artistic practice, Afrofuturism and how he feels about defining African art.


(05.) Yaw Obuobi: On growing in a family of artists, why he decided to explore a new medium of yarn, and how his experience living in multiple countries impacted his views on the world. (Aired as a special episode for his birthday).


(06.) Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga: On how he convinced his parents to let him attend art school, deciding to break norms, and how he feels about the socio-economic conditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.